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Want a Great Return on Your Investment?
“Asked for a conservative estimate of the monetary payoff from the coaching they got, these managers described an average return of more than $100,000 or about six times what the coaching had cost their companies.”  
~ Fortune (2/19/01) Study of 100 Executives from Fortune 1000 companies

 Are you Ready to.....
Take Action
Make more $
 Analyze deals like a pro!
Systemize your business
Live a better life
 Create a winning strategy
      Find areas to invest
  Negotiate with buyers, sellers, and vendors
Effectively work with contractors
  Obtain funding
   Make offers
Shorten the learning curve
Renovate a house
    Develop a marketing plan
  Create marketing materials
  Find expert resources
  Build your dream team
Enhance the productivity of your team
  Market property for sale/rent
  Build a buyers list (wholesalers)
  Organize your  business
 Effectively handle tenant issues
Prioritize educational courses & spending
Do your first deal
Increase the number of deals done per month/year
Increase profit on deals
You are:
Committed to Turning Your Intentions into Action!SM
Then contact Nancy at 770-377-1847 for a Coaching Inquiry Session.  
Statistics relating to coaching:
Stand-alone training changed behaviors by 22.4%
Training followed-up with coaching changed behaviors by 88% for increased productivity.
    International Personnel Management Association
In addition to being an experienced investor, I am professionally trained as a coach through a school accredited by the International Coach Federation.  What does this mean to you?  It means that you get much more than just working with an experienced real estate investor or mentor, more than just a real estate education.  You receive coaching from an individual that is professionally trained with the tools and techniques to help you grow your business!
One of the best compliments I have ever received was from a client who said, "I know you are professionally trained; but, no amount of training in the world could give you this kind of ability, you have a natural talent at this."  T.P. 
What is not required?
  • No expensive training prerequisites
  • No long term commitments required
  • No huge upfront investment  

What is required?

You must be serious about creating results, prepared to think outside of the box, and ready to take action!  In addition, ethical and legal investing are of the utmost importance.

  I only accept a small number of one-on-one clients; therefore, you must be ready to Turn Your Intentions into Action!SM

The Coaching Inquiry Session gives us an opportunity to see if we are a good fit, contact me at 770-377-1847 to schedule.

Coaching is about Turning Intentions into Action!SM

The probability of completing a goal:
  • Hear an idea 10%
  • Consciously decide to adopt it 25%
  • Plan how you will do it 50%
  • Commit to someone else you will do it 65%
  • Have a specific accountability appointment with the person committed to 95%

     American Society of Training and Development

Turn Your Intentions into Action!SM

Call 770-377-1847 NOW!



Am I Coachable?

FAQs About Coaching

“Recent studies show business coaching and executive coaching to be the most effective means for achieving sustainable growth, change and development in the individual, group and organization.” ~ HR Monthly Magazine

"I absolutely believe that people, UNLESS COACHED, never reach their maximum capabilities."  Bob Nardelli, CEO Home Depot

Why do individuals and organizations hire a coach?

Research shows that organizations and individuals that work with a coach report positive results in:

  • Creating a bigger vision for life and business
  • Enhancing performance
  • Accomplishing goals faster
  • Increasing income
  • Overcoming obstacles to success
  • Communicating effectively
  • Boosting of confidence
  • Managing time more effectively
  • Setting and reaching higher goals

The absolute best way to understand coaching and its value is to experience it!

e-mail or call (770) 377-1847

Ready to Succeed
Open to new ideas
Willing to explore possibilities
Has a win/win approach to life and/or business
Committed to taking the necessary actions to achieve their dreams

The Real Estate Investor's Resource for Turning Intentions into Action! SM
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