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Strategic Planning for Real Estate Investors

Determine precisely what you need to do to make real estate investing work for you in meeting your financial and retirement objectives.



Develop a strategy around essential real estate investing skills such as: 

  • Defining your market
  • Property criteria development
  • Exit strategy implementation
  • Farming and more!


Create a plan to embrace essential entrepreneurial skills such as:


  • Marketing
  • Delegation
  • Finance
  • Team development

Work on your strategy in a group environment including break out session where you can brainstorm, learn from other investors and grow!  Bring your partner or team!


Walk away with your STRATEGIC PLAN and your personalized ACTION PLAN!



"Well developed material and presented with energy.  Clear and easy to understand.  Best seminar I've attended in years!" D.M.


This was a great workshop!   It was focused for action in my real estate investing business,  but also applicable to my other business!  L.H.


I got a lot out of this workshop!  I came unorganzied and left with a definite plan and organizational skills.  T.D.


I finally have my goals clearly defined and a strategy for how to reach them.  Before the workshop, I would set goals and state objectives and then get busy doing stuff; but, darted around doing all kinds of  things that may not have related directly to the objective.   Now, I make sure that all of my activities are strategic to my goals, if they are not, I toss them!  The benefits are absolutely awesome - peace of mind, clarity of thought, a sense of progress and focus! S.H.


One Day Workshop
Finding Deals & Determining Value

Do you struggle with finding good deals and determining the value of a property?  Come to this class and learn how to:

  • Use multiple marketing methods for finding properties
  • Define your farming areas
  • Determine good areas vs. bad areas for investing
  • Utilize “free” resources to enhance your farming knowledge
  • Do your “due diligence”
  • Find motivated sellers
  • Keep your potential deals organized
  • Determine the value of a property – current and ARV
  • Access and utilize various real estate data programs to determine comparable values and more!


You will leave this course with an action plan for finding your next money making real estate deal!


Tremendous amount of useful information-highly practical! A.U.


Useable information presented in a clear, easy to understand manner that gives me clarity for doing deals! S.O.


Great, real world training!  B.A.


3 Hour Class
Negotiating with Ease

Negotiation is a skill that YOU can learn!  Come to this class and learn how to:


  •  Overcome the fear of negotiating
  •  Build rapport
  •  Break down barriers to communication
  •  Use powerful questioning techniques with ease
  •  Have sellers and buyers give you all the answers you need to close the deal
  •  Overcome objections
  • Close the deal!


Role Plays & Coaching Included!


I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the negotiations class this week.  The role plays helped me to better understand the process of negotiating.  Again, just wanted you to know how much I enjoy and appreciate your teaching style and methodology. H.H.



3 Hour Class

The Power of Networking Know-How

Learn simple techniques to network your way to

 deals, dollar$, and more!


      Learn the secret benefits of networking

      Develop networking techniques to find more deals and make more money

      Create a networking strategy and objective for every networking meeting

      Expand your network of contacts 

      Learn how to approach people

      Learn what to say to people when you network – develop your 30 second commercial

      Use the Six Degrees of Separation theory to your advantage


Thank you for your networking help.  I was feeling nervous about talking with  people but then tried to just talk with people and find out what they did and who the best clients are for them.  And, of course, they end up asking what you do.  I even gave my "commercial" a couple of times.  It was great!  I am excited and proud of myself.   And, it was fun.  An it is not that hard, is it? K.Y.


3 Hour Class

 Creating Your Real Estate Investing Success - Visualization


This class is designed to give you the tools that you need to create and see the mental picture of you succeeding and living the life of your dreams through your real estate investments.


This teleclass will allow you produce positive mental images of yourself succeeding in real estate investing.  At the grand opening of Disney World someone remarked, “Isn’t it too bad that Walt Disney didn’t live to see this!”  Mike Vance, Disney’s creative director replied, “Walt did see this – that’s why it’s here.” 


We often want to have more things (money) in our lives in order to do more of what we want to do in life so that we can be in the state we would like to be (more fulfilled, happier, etc).  In reality, if we can begin in a place of being who we want to be (seeing ourselves as the way we want to be) and then doing what we need to do to get there then we will be in a position to have what we want.


The Law of Attraction tells us that we attract into our lives whatever we think about the most, expect, and imagine most vividly.  Are you attracting success or fear? Can you see yourself with 10-20-30 properties?  Are you attracting forward movement and action or procrastination?  Join us on this powerful teleclass and begin attracting the success that you desire for your real estate investing business!


The tools that you will learn in this class can help you move towards fulfilling your dreams faster!

1 Hour Teleclass

Directions to Success in Real Estate Investing

This keynote speech shares three fundamental tools necessary for succeeding in real estate investing and gives the audience the motivation and instructions to take the necessary actions for suceeding! 

I can not tell you how motivated I am.  I just downloaded the foreclosure report and will committ to calling (in order to practice) 5-7 people nightly until something happens.  I am anxious to commence my 21 day life changes program! Thanks for a wonderful speech last night.  B.B.

Thank you for making our seminars not only informative and professional, but also, a truly enjoyable experience for everyone there!  Looking forward to working with you again soon! C.T.


1 Hour Keynote Speech

The Real Estate Investor's Resource for Turning Intentions into Action! SM
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